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The Viral Monologues: Covid and Incarceration

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

As artistic director of The Confined Arts, Leia has teamed up with the Broadway Advocacy Coalition, the RAPP Campaign,, and The 24 Hour Plays to present The Viral Monologues: Covid and Incarceration. This project pairs people who are currently or formerly incarcerated and advocates with professional playwrights to hear their stories and adapt them into monologues. These pieces are then performed and filmed by actors from TV, film, and Broadway and presented in conjunction with direct advocacy action steps that viewers can take. The project amplifies the firsthand experience and perspective of those impacted by incarceration and intends to make it impossible for those in positions of power to ignore or be indifferent to the human suffering in prisons and jails across the country any longer. The monologues aired lived on May 12th and live at

Learn more about the project's creation advocacy and Leia's role.

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