As a facilitator with the Prison Creative Arts Project, Leia led improvisation and devised theatre workshops in men's and women's correctional facilities in Michigan. She is honored to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from the program's longest running troupe, The Sisters Within. 

Check out more information on her time with PCAP, including the organization's month-long exchange program in Rio de Janeiro.

Prison Creative Arts Project

In conjunction with the 2018 tour of I Killed the Cow, Leia designed a post-show interactive workshop to promote conversation and teach sexual misconduct prevention and response skills. At each city on the tour, the show partnered with a local sexual health organization to connect audiences to options for support or further discussion after the show.

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I Killed the Cow 

Sexual Assault Prevention

During her time working for the University of Michigan Educational Theatre Company, Leia co-developed Change It Up!, an interactive bystander intervention workshop which utilizes forum theatre to teach effective intervention strategies to university-aged students. Additionally, she devised and assistant directed a play for students transferring into the university to support their transition.

Educational Theater Company

Leia created and currently coordinates Sandbar, a collective dedicated to evaluating the landscape of contemporary plays that depict femininity with an awareness of intersectionality. This group of theater professionals from various disciplines meets bi-monthly to discuss and review both recently produced and unproduced plays that depict female-identified and non-binary characters.

Sandbar Collective: Exploring Theatrical Depictions of Femininity

While volunteering for the University of Michigan’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC), Leia trained students in peer facilitation through the use of theatrical techniques. These skills were employed in Relationship Remix, a peer-led workshop that educates undergraduate students about healthy sexual relationships. Leia's Peer Facilitation and Performance Skills guide was presented at the 2017 NASPA Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Conference.  

Peer Facilitation Training

Leia is currently a staff writer for All About Solo. Her dramaturgical and educational writing can also be read in Roundabout Theatre Company's Upstage Playgoer's Guide. Through her writing, she strives to practice and encourage reflection and offer information and perspectives that invite new ways of understanding theatre and arts education work.

Theatrical Writing