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Reading of London Wall at the American Players Theatre

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Leia directed John Van Druten's London Wall for the 2020 Winter Words series at the American Players Theatre. Here's a snippet of the director's note:

London Wall, written in 1931, illustrates that ingenuity, comradery, and comedy derived from running the workplace obstacle course. The play’s apparent timeliness, while captivating, leadens my heart. The office dynamics and conversations are unnervingly familiar and indicate a disappointing lack of progress over the past 90 years.

This is precisely why we must continue to tell these stories.

I am emboldened by the women I know who morph their personalities to accommodate and navigate the behaviors of those who would otherwise abolish them from environments of power. I admire the strength, wit, and facility of those women who shape shift in pursuit of survival and of personal goals.

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