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Directing Trout Stanley with Herd

Herd’s production of Trout Stanley is a creative reimagining of a three-character dark comedy about the effects of grief and isolation. Twin sisters, Grace and Sugar, awake on the morning of their 30th birthday determined to break the death spell that has kept them isolated from their hometown of Tumbler Ridge for the past ten years. But when a mysterious drifter passes by their cabin in the woods in search of help, unexpected affection and thinly veiled lies force them to reevaluate where the real threats lay.

The production, designed to be performed on tour in living rooms across New York City, has been conceived as a means to both strengthen and promote community by presenting a play in the intimate confines of a home while also re-conceiving how theatrical work can integrate more environmentally sustainable practices. The project has partnered with two upstart, female-owned catering companies, Spooning with Sara and Veggie Mom Club, to provide a whimsical, vegetarian menu to be served throughout the show.

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